Average pension in Belfast

Average pension in Belfast

Unless you have a crystal ball, there’s no way to predict exactly how much money you need to achieve the retirement you want. That’s why we’ve done the research for you.

We’ve crunched the numbers and found that on average, Belfast locals usually:

  • Have an average pension of £118,071
  • Have a life expectancy of 79 years
  • Should expect a pension shortfall of £10,253

How does this compare to your expected pension pot at retirement? If you’re not sure how much you’ll need or are worried, speak to a financial advisor. We can help you take the first step by connecting you with an expert near you.
A 60-minute, free consultation could help you gain the answers to your money questions such as whether you can afford to retire. But most of all, it can help you decide whether financial advice could help you afford the retirement you deserve.

Property market in Belfast

It’s common to think retirement income only comes from the State Pension and what you’ve saved in your workplace or personal pension. Thankfully, you have many more options if you own a home in Belfast. Downsizing to a smaller home in a neighbouring village could help you afford to live a more comfy lifestyle.

If you’d prefer to stay put or simply want to futureproof the home you’re living in, renting out a room can give you extra income for repairs and improvements. You may also be eligible to free up thousands in tax-free cash if your home’s value is at least £70,000 with equity release.

According to government statistics, the average house price in Northern Ireland is £159,109, and has risen 10% from the previous year.

The future may look bright if you’re thinking about selling your home or equity release. And with the potential to supplement your pension pot, it doesn’t hurt to speak to an advisor about the value in your home.

Where do people in Belfast retire to?

Financial advice in Portaferry, Belfast


You’ll find this town at the end of the Ards Peninsula, near Strangford Lough. With stunning views in all directions and beautiful Georgian buildings, you’ll soon see why it’s known as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Reconnect with nature with a coastal walk or learn about wildlife with the grandkids at the Exploris Aquarium.

Financial advice in Holywood, Belfast


Voted by the Sunday Times as the best place to live in Northern Ireland, upmarket Holywood is ideal if you’re looking for a luxury retirement. The town boasts fine dining restaurants, chic indie shops, a 5-star hotel and spa and two golf courses. And if you’re a fan of jazz, you won’t want to miss the annual Holywood Blues & Jazz Festival.
Financial advice in Strangford Lough, Belfast

Strangford Lough

Those looking for a quiet, tranquil life away from the hustle and bustle will love Strangford Lough. Its calm waters attract families and retirees - and even migrating Canadian geese. It’s a prime location for water sport enthusiasts and hosted the 2016 Skiffie Worlds rowing championships. But if wildlife is more your cup of tea, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to spot basking sharks and seals.

Why getting pension advice is important

These days it’s not enough to only rely on your private pension and the State Pension. The fact is that better healthcare means we’re living longer than ever in Northern Ireland. That’s why your pension pot needs to go further to help you get the most out of your golden years.

You can get support to achieve your ideal retirement by working with a financial advisor in Belfast. Much like a coach or fitness trainer, they’ll get to know you and where you want to be. The next step is to help you build a plan you can action and help you stay on track for success.

Think this approach could work for you? Our free service helps make taking the first step as easy as can be. Fill out our quick and easy form with a little information about you and the type of advice you’re looking for. Then, we’ll match you with the right expert for your needs and book your free consultation. This gives you a chance to learn more about your options and whether financial advice is right for you - with no obligation.

Learn more about how we help you connect to local financial advice experts, how our free advisor matching service works and why over 900 happy customers rated us Excellent on Trustpilot.

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Do I Need a financial advisor Do I need a financial advisor

Do I need a financial advisor?

A financial advisor can offer valuable insight and expertise on a wide range of common financial concerns.

Key situations in which a financial advisor is likely to be valuable include:

  • Exploring your options during key life events such as retirement

  • Comparing quotes for pensions or insurance products

  • Investing large sums of money

  • Inheritance tax planning and intelligent saving

How much does an advisor cost How much does an advisor cost

How much does an advisor cost?

The cost of using a financial advisor can vary depending on your needs. You may be able to resolve your issues in a single consultation, or you may benefit from a more long-term collaboration.

At Local Financial Advice we're dedicated to providing a transparent and cost-effective experience for all customers:

  • Free, no-obligation initial consultation - Discuss your issues in detail and make a decision about whether you’d like to proceed before making any commitment.

  • Total transparency - Any costs associated with purchasing any product or service from your financial advisor will be broken down in detail.

How can I speak with my advisor? How can I speak with my advisor?

How can I speak with my advisor?

Many of the advisors we work with are flexible with how they can meet with you.

  • Your advisor will often try to first get in touch with you by phone to talk about the kind of advice you need.

  • If you decide to continue with their advice, advisors can meet you face-to-face. You can discuss any safety precautions the advisor should take if you arrange for them to visit your home.

  • Throughout your time speaking with your advisor, you may receive emails from them. These will often simply be to confirm your information or the details of future meetings you book with them.

Our Service Our Service

Is the advice one-off or ongoing?

The type of advice you need depends on your circumstances.

  • We encourage everyone we connect with an advisor to discuss their financial needs in detail so they can receive the right amount of advice.

  • You may only need one-off advice if you need help choosing a long-term product to support your retirement, such as an annuity.

  • If you need flexibility with your money, you may prefer ongoing advice from your advisor with you speaking every six months or year to see how your money is performing.

  • Whatever help you need, your advisor will clearly lay out the costs involved. These can be one-off costs or recurring, such as a fund management fee.