Average pension in Chelmsford

Average pension in Chelmsford

You can scrimp and save and squirrel away all the money you can but, when it comes to retirement, everyone has the same thought: do I have enough? The closer you get to retirement, the more important this question is.

We’ve found that people in Chelmsford typically:

  • Have an average pension of £143,000
  • Have a life expectancy of 83 years
  • Should expect a pension shortfall of £15,781

Knowing how much money you need for retirement is rarely a simple task. You’ve got your savings, your assets and your pension. Depending on your career and circumstances, you may have several pension plans under your name. When it comes time to put your money to good use, having someone to guide you can make a big difference.

We can connect you with a financial advisor in Chelmsford and give you a free, no-obligation consultation. You can speak freely with your advisor to discuss what you want to get out of retirement. You’re always in control - you choose whether to take their advice or not and if you want to speak with a different advisor, we’ll find one for you for free.

Property market in Chelmsford

Did you know that your biggest asset in retirement might just be your home? Many people use retirement as an opportunity to downsize and find a new spot they can enjoy retirement in. But you don’t always have to sell your existing property to get the home of your dreams - releasing equity from your home could help pay for the home improvements you’ve always wanted.

On average, properties in Chelmsford are valued at £470,750. Releasing some of that equity as a lump sum could bolster your pension fund as you budget for retirement. Many people still have to consider regular debts like credit card bills or mortgage payments into their retirement finances - a financial advisor could help you navigate these dangerous waters to ensure your pension isn’t whittled away.

Where do people in Chelmsford retire to?

Financial advice in Tillingham


If you’re looking for a gorgeous seaside town to help while away the days, there are few places better than Silloth. It sits in the middle of the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is filled with lovely cafes, stores and restaurants that harken back to its Victorian-era roots. Dog lovers will never tire of roaming the pebble beach and the annual beer and music festival is chock-full of entertainment to enjoy.

Financial advice in East Hanningfield

East Hanningfield

The advantage of living in the North West is that you’re never too far away from the Lake District and the incredible scenery it holds around every corner. Picking just one place to retire to is difficult but Keswick eaks out the competition. It’s a bustling town with serious culture thanks to the magnificent Theatre by the Lake that overlooks Derwentwater. And if golf is more your scene, you can enjoy a quick round while taking in views of mountains like Skiddaw and Helvellyn.
Financial advice in Battlesbridge, Chelmsford


Retiring to Penrith means having all manner of the great outdoors right on your doorstep. It sits between the Lake District and the North Pennines and is also a stone’s throw away from the Yorkshire Dales. When you aren’t scaling a mountain, you can enjoy the local history which includes the country house Hutton-in-the-Forest which is, according to legend, the Green Knight’s castle from the days of Arthur. You’re all set for exploring, as long as the famous Cumbrian weather is on your side!

Why getting financial advice is important

Rainy days have an annoying habit of creeping up on us. Sudden illness or a broken boiler can spell disaster for your savings and financial goals. That’s where thinking ahead can pay off. If you’re keen to make the most of your hard-earned money, working with a financial consultant or advisor in Chelmsford can help.

An advisor has the financial expertise to help you make your money work harder, by supporting you to:

  • Take advantage of tax relief
  • Make informed decisions on your investments
  • Build a solid plan to achieve your short, medium and long-term goals
  • Avoid financial pitfalls and plan for rainy days

We can help you take the first step towards financial advice if you think working with an expert could benefit you. The advisor partners we work with have decades of knowledge and we can match you with the most qualified expert for your needs in seconds. Tell us the type of advice you need and your contact details, and we’ll do the rest!

Our service

Local Financial Advice’s free advisor matching service connects people all over the UK daily with FCA-regulated experts. Wherever you’re based in Chelmsford, we’ll match you with the financial advice expert that’s right for you.

So whether you are looking for advice on your retirement plans, investments, wealth management, financial planning or thinking about your long-term financial future, we can help put you in contact with a trusted financial advisor who will listen to your needs.

Learn more about how we help you connect to local financial advice experts, how our free advisor matching service works and why over 900 happy customers rated us Excellent on Trustpilot.

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Do I Need a financial advisor Do I need a financial advisor

Do I need a financial advisor?

A financial advisor can offer valuable insight and expertise on a wide range of common financial concerns.

Key situations in which a financial advisor is likely to be valuable include:

  • Exploring your options during key life events such as retirement

  • Comparing quotes for pensions or insurance products

  • Investing large sums of money

  • Inheritance tax planning and intelligent saving

How much does an advisor cost How much does an advisor cost

How much does an advisor cost?

The cost of using a financial advisor can vary depending on your needs. You may be able to resolve your issues in a single consultation, or you may benefit from a more long-term collaboration.

At Local Financial Advice we're dedicated to providing a transparent and cost-effective experience for all customers:

  • Free, no-obligation initial consultation - Discuss your issues in detail and make a decision about whether you’d like to proceed before making any commitment.

  • Total transparency - Any costs associated with purchasing any product or service from your financial advisor will be broken down in detail.

How can I speak with my advisor? How can I speak with my advisor?

How can I speak with my advisor?

Many of the advisors we work with are flexible with how they can meet with you.

  • Your advisor will often try to first get in touch with you by phone to talk about the kind of advice you need.

  • If you decide to continue with their advice, advisors can meet you face-to-face. You can discuss any safety precautions the advisor should take if you arrange for them to visit your home.

  • Throughout your time speaking with your advisor, you may receive emails from them. These will often simply be to confirm your information or the details of future meetings you book with them.

Our Service Our Service

Is the advice one-off or ongoing?

The type of advice you need depends on your circumstances.

  • We encourage everyone we connect with an advisor to discuss their financial needs in detail so they can receive the right amount of advice.

  • You may only need one-off advice if you need help choosing a long-term product to support your retirement, such as an annuity.

  • If you need flexibility with your money, you may prefer ongoing advice from your advisor with you speaking every six months or year to see how your money is performing.

  • Whatever help you need, your advisor will clearly lay out the costs involved. These can be one-off costs or recurring, such as a fund management fee.