What is the real cost of living?

General advice News 16 March 2015

Throughout life there are major financial decisions that many of us will need to make. Whether you’re looking to get on the property ladder, investing for your child’s future or deciding on a retirement income method, it helps to speak with a professional financial adviser.

A financial adviser will cut through all the jargon, helping to make clear and informed decisions about your financial future. Whether you need help starting a business, advice on pensions or assistance with your savings and investments, your adviser will help you to avoid many of the common pitfalls that surround financial matters, as well as helping to achieve your financial goals.

But what about those regular events in many of our lives that we don’t feel would require an adviser?

Having a child, going on regular summer holidays and indulging at big, family Christmases are a given for many of us, and while they aren’t occurrences where the first thing that comes to mind would be speaking to our financial adviser, they can have a huge financial impact on our lives.

From organising a wedding, caring for a pet or giving your home a spring clean, each month we’ll be looking at those everyday living costs, how they can impact you, and how you can look to alleviate them for a better financial future.

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